2022 Popcorn Fundraiser 

 The 2022 Popcorn Fundraiser is now underway. There are three different ways to help your scout get the most out of this years fundraiser. See the three different options below.

Take-Order Form

Everyone should be familiar with the take-order form as this is the most common way to complete orders. You should have received the take-order form already. If you have not, you can print one out using the link below. 

2022 Popcorn Fundraiser Take-order Form

Online Sales

Another way of selling popcorn is a using the online option. With the online option you can send out a link to your scouts online sales market. This allows you to reach out to friends and family who may live out of state. There is also a larger selection goods for them to purchase in the online store. Another great thing is that you do not have to deal with money or meeting up with them to give the popcorn. They would pay online using a credit/debit card and the popcorn will be delivered directly to their home.


The final option for selling popcorn is the Show-N-Sell option. This option requires that the scouts get out in front of people use communication skills to sell popcorn in front of store fronts. We have some pre-ordered popcorn that you would use to sell. Below is a sign up genius with locations and times of when you can sign up to sell popcorn. If you are interested in doing a Show-N-Sell please reach out to Justin Anderson at anderson.justin38@gmail.com

Fayette County Popcorn Show-N-Sell Signup Genius


Below is a list of important upcoming dates:

September 9 – Show & Sell Distribution Day 

October 21, 2022 Deadline for Popcorn Returns to Council

October 25, 2022 Take Orders & Prize Orders Due to Council

November 17, 2022 Take Order Sort Day

November 18, 2022 Take Order Distribution Day

December 2, 2022 Popcorn Settlement Due Date

Popcorn Terminology

Case – How the popcorn is shipped. A case holds a number of containers from one to twelve. For Show N Sell, popcorn MUST be                   

ordered by the case! 

Container – Individual popcorn items. For Take Order, Popcorn MAY be ordered by the container.  

Commission – Money earned by & kept by the Unit.  Units get 35% commission of what they sell.  

Delivery Site –Location where Units pick up their popcorn order.  This delivery site is at Norcom, Inc (200 Wilson Rd, Griffin). 

Show-N-Sell – Units arrange for storefront sites to set up and sell popcorn. Customers purchase popcorn that Units already have                                 with them.  

Take Order – Individual Scouts with a parent, or groups of Scouts with an adult, sell door to door or to friends and family. The product                        is delivered on a future date and the Scouts deliver it to the customers. It is recommended that payment be collected at                        the time of the order.  

 Show-N-Sell Tips

  • Put Scouts on 2-3 hour rotations so they don’t get burned out. 
  • Decorate your booth! Get creative to draw peoples’ attention. 
  • Make a stand-up popcorn replica 
  • Use tablecloths, balloons & posters! 
  • Get the Scouts involved 
  • Make it a competition between Scouts 
  • Teach the Scouts to engage people 
  • Look customer in the eye 
  • Shake hands 
  • Introduce themselves & the program they’re selling 
  • Make it exciting & have a good attitude! Don’t make it a chore, make it fun! 



Available Popcorn options for Show-N-Sell Booths

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